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(Shufaay Bastos) 
In this brief history we have seen that Mr Vincent T. Lainjo was a very intellectually gifted person whom good fortune placed in the hands of modern civilization championed by the Catholic Mission in concert with the British Administration. He is an exemplary Christian. He contributed enormously in the field of Primary Education for 11years (1932-1943) and moved on to the domain of Native Authority Administration in which he spent his most glorious hour as leader of rural development in the Western Grassfields thanks to the Indirect Rule System which he personified and became a key actor serving as the bridge-man between the Native Chiefs and the British Government Administrators. The relics of the South Eastern Federation of Councils stand to immortalize him. Here he proved to be a Statesman of high esteem and later popularly merited to win elections into the Nigerian Parliament of the Eastern Regional House at Enugu and that of the Federation at Lagos.
His tenacious attachment to Dr Emmanuel Mbella Lifafe Endeley the First Premier of Southern Cameroons both as a friend and politician proved his reliability and worth as a friend and he enjoyed port-folios which enabled him to erect lasting Institutions which mark his passage and commitment as a nation builder.
A “Taawonle” of three sets of twins and father of a total of 13 children plus grand and great-grand children must be a specially blessed man whom God loves.
But his one-man institution as Consultant to the Governors of South West Province is obviously unique enigmatic and exemplary and perhaps there will never be a second of his type in the entire Cameroon.
Yes his longevity of 96 years in resistant and performing health with lucidity and productivity makes V.T. Lainjo a true Boabab Tree in Southern Cameroons folk-lore tells its own story of an exceptional individual and a gift to the nation his province of origin and his native town Kumbo in Bui division. Certainly Papa V.T. Lainjo was a Luminary.
There is a fitting place to generously thank Tata Lainjo’s children and extended family members who provided geriatric home nursing care in Papa’s second childhood for over two decades. Tata Lainjo’s home became a holy shrine with visiting Professor Lantum’s last visit was on 7 May 2010. We spoke at length and after that he never said much to anyone till his final silence at 7.3. am on Tuesday 13th July 2010.

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